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I’ve seen plenty of abundant breasts girls in my day but you meet one that tells you she loves to have them hardcored and jiz on, that tends to put them in a whole different category. Charlie was such a chick. She came to our studio ready to have her tits played with and worshipped and I happened to be the lucky guy selected to do all this. Charlie came onto the set with couple bunny ears so I had to arrive in a costume of my own so out I came in a green mask and some rubber gloves for inspection purposes. I felt up Charlie’s juggs with the gloves and we were having couple goofy fun with that but things became a small more serious when I went between her legs to tongue her clitt and rosebush. Charlie was sighing and yelling and really wet in a matter of seconds before she jumped on board to ride my hard shaft. She rode arianna backward cowgirl style at first with her enormous D cup mounds flying up and down as she slid on my cock. I grabbed on those puppies while I was hitting that nice stuff doggie style entirely before I flipped Charlie back over to glaze her sweet tits with my cum. Charlie is positively in a category of her own.

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Jiggle Bounce Smack Smack

Melodi was taking down a small routine on our mini trampoline in a black fishnet half shirt and all I could see were these two hot fleshy mounds totally bouncing away. When she popped those two puppies out from under her top, I could focus on two things, those extreme natural knockers and my erection getting bigger and bigger. By the time I cam onto the set naked, my meat was sticking straight out and Melodi put it right into her mouth. She worked my meat until it was good and hard before getting on her back and sliding my dick between those C cups for an awesome bazoonga fuck. Melodi had arianna all revved up now so I spread her legs wide open and slid my meat deep inside her shaved wet twat. We slammed and licked each other for what seemed like forever until I unloaded a jiz coating all over Melodi’s ample titties after I was drilling her hard doggie style. Now how’s that for focus?


Lube Up Those Big D Cups Elisha

Jimmy was interviewing Elisha when she mentioned her full D cup sized tittys drew guys’ attention.

Lube Up Those Big D Cups Elisha

Lube Up Those Big D Cups Elisha 2

Well no crap because she had my attention right away. I have a excessive knockers fetish but Elisha was more than just excessive bazoongas. She had nice long legs, a nice tight ass and a really cute face.

Lube Up Those Big D Cups Elisha 3

Lube Up Those Big D Cups Elisha 4

And I was about to find out how nice her bush was in just a some moments too. It looked really first-rate when Elisha flashed Jimmy with her shaved pussy in the bathroom and I was hoping he’d hurry up so I could do my damage.Elisha found out what’s it appreciate to get my attention for sure.

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Mia Khalifa Tries Her First Big Black Dick

We’re driving Mia Khalifa around the city projects looking for a big black cock to fuck. She has never had one, but is willing to try one today.

Lucky for her we ran into Rico Strong. He was chilling sipping on some tea. Enjoying the sun. Mia Khalifa pulls up and literally throws the pussy at him.

Asking if he wants to fuck her brains out. Which Rico didn’t mind at all. They head back to his place for some action, but after checking out his huge bulge, Mia had second thoughts. She’s scared of the big black dick. We had to convince her that everything was going to be fine. Hopefully! Taking a 12 inch dick in her pussy is no easy task. Enjoy!.

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